[zeromq-dev] Code-style question

Marco Trapanese marcotrapanese at gmail.com
Wed May 23 07:39:13 CEST 2012

Il 22/05/2012 20:54, Pieter Hintjens ha scritto:

> Please read the Guide, it has examples that show how to create and
> work with protocols like this.

Hi Pieter,

I know this is the default answer :)
I read the guide, indeed.

But the examples exchange messages with fun payloads, like these:

- "hello" / "world"
- "I'm ready"
- "ok"
- "We don't want to see this"
- "This is the workload"

or just a counter to simulate some data.

I'm asking what you actually send in your messages.
Strings like above? Integers (enum/#define) like in my example?

Of course, if the answer is still in the guide I admit I don't see it.
Anyway, which example you had in mind when you suggest me to read the 
guide? I'll read it another time.

Thanks again!

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