[zeromq-dev] Android configuration scripts

Victor Perron victor at iso3103.net
Tue May 22 04:56:17 CEST 2012

Hello on this list,

At my work I had to generate an Android-compatible .so that could be loaded
directly in an APK, and use Jzmq.

The result, a collection of harmless configuration scripts, is presented

and associated github

I've seen quite a lot of questions about this matter on the web, so maybe
that could be of any help.

I have a few questions though :
- Do you zmq devs think it is an acceptable way to go ?
- Do you, people interested with zeromq on Android, meet issues using this ?
- Wouldn't it be more useful converted in some other way, for e.g a post on
the :build wiki or a 'target' in the distribution ?
- Am I totally wrong and there is a straightforward way ?

Thanks a lot ,
best regards

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