[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ Newbie Request for advice

Squimbelly Toes squimbellytoes at gmail.com
Thu May 10 21:37:58 CEST 2012

Hello All;

  I just stumbled across 0MQ, and after having read through the rather
humorous guide, am very excited to dig in.

  If I may, I'd like to seek some guidance/suggestions before I do so. Here
is what I need to implement:

   1. I have a QT/C++ client that is in need of a Graph Database server.
   2. The Graph Database server is implemented in Java, and therefore lives
   in the JVM.
   3. The QT/C++ application needs to communicate to the Graph DB to
   execute reads, writes, ddl, etc...

  So, if I've understood the guide correctly I need to:

   1. *Write a C++ 0MQ client* for the QT/C++ application. This client
   would send messages like "Create this object", "Retrieve this object",
   "Modify this object", etc.
   2. *Write a Java 0MQ client* for the Graph DB. This client would have
   methods implemented in the Graph DB API (Orient DB, Neo4j, etc.) to
   actually do what it's asked: "Create this object", "Retrieve this object",
   "Modify this object", etc.
   3. *(Optionally) Write a C++ 0MQ Dealer/Router* to route requests
   between the C++ and Java client(s).

  Have I understood the "yes, it is this simple" ethic of the API? Would
anyone who has had some experience in creating a like network be willing to
share lessons learned?

  Thank you very much,
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