[zeromq-dev] Routers and Nats Question

Brian Duffy brduffy at gmail.com
Sun May 6 00:50:16 CEST 2012

Hello again,

I'm new to network programming so I hope this is not a silly question ...
Now that I have the hwserver and hwclient working between my virtual
private server (at vpslink) and local machine, I am wondering, what if I
wanted to run the client on the vps machine and the server on my local
machine? My local machine is behind a router doing NAT translation. The
external ip address is different than what is listed when I do an ifconfig.
Ultimately, I want to communicate between machines that would reside in a
typical home residence sitting behind home routers and acting as both
servers and clients. The vps would act as a location where the
server/clients could update a table whenever their dynamic ip addresses
changed (similar to dynamic dns). The client/server (home) machines could
check the vps server to get the up to date ip address of the machine they
are interested in and then communicate directly with another client/server
(home) machine. But if the client/server (home) machines have an external
and internal ip address, how can I get a (home) client to connect to a
(home) server? Is there some way to specify both the external and internal


Brian Duffy

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