[zeromq-dev] (no subject)

Paolo Bolzoni ezzetabi at hotmail.com
Wed May 2 14:28:49 CEST 2012

Dear zeromq list,
I need to send a possibly large message to a set of
recipients. I do not need to worry about disappearing
nodes, but recipients and sender can appear in any order.

I started writing initially in C using the syncpub and
syncsub as base. The first prototype seems work fine.



The idea is simple: subscribers await for the publisher
and the publisher await for all subscribers.

Now, the project where I need to use this uses Java so
I downloaded, compiled and installed jzmq and tried the
hwclient java example to ensure that jzmq were installed

Once the example worked fine I wrote those two classes
that follow the same idea of two C files:



Unfortunately they do not work. It seems the subscriber
cannot read any message. To me the classes seems a
translation in Java of the C files, so I have no idea of
the problem.

I tried listening the wire using wireshare and in the Java
version there are only few upd packets while in the C
version there are plenty. Once again I am clueless.

I am on linux 3.3.4 and I am using ØMQ 2.2.0 compiled with
pgm support. jzmq has been cloned from github yesterday.
(really there is no jzmq in any public maven repository?)

What can I try?


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