[zeromq-dev] Dealer and router problems with "inproc" and "tcp"

虞红伟 yuhongweiyf at hikvision.com
Wed May 2 04:37:24 CEST 2012

Hi all,

         I have encountered two problems with zmq_2.1.10, VS2008, windows
server 2008R2:

1.       Dealer<->Router with “inproc”. We send messages to dealers with
router using corresponding identity firstly, then we closed the dealers, and
did not close the router, we found that the handles (windows handle) used by
dealers did not released until we closed the router. But we HAVE TO keep the
router alive until program exit. 

2.       Dealer<->Router with ”tcp”. We initialize the io thread numbers =
2. We use dealer and router send messages to each other, and we get a
zmq_assert ( zmq_assert (sessions.empty ()) ) sometimes when we close the
router. But we initialize the io thread numbers = 1, the assert never


I search the mail list and did not find the answer, is there anyone
encountered the same problems, and any ideas? 







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