[zeromq-dev] Some real perfomance numbers from real workloads

Christian Martinez chmar at microsoft.com
Sat Mar 31 04:04:26 CEST 2012

I'd be interested in hearing some of the numbers the community has gotten for its real workloads. Right now I work exclusively with customers leveraging 0MQ on Windows and under real workloads there we've experienced anywhere from 300K to 1.5 million messages a second throughput (the 1.5 million was for 40 byte messages). Latency has always been sub ½ second and for the folks I've worked with that's good enough so I have not spent too much time measuring nanosecond latency on Windows.

I'd love to hear from Linux folks or even other Windows folks what their numbers look like as well as folks working with the various language bindings... Basically what I'm trying to do is get some idea of what the expectation is from the community when they utilize 0MQ. Of particular interest is anyone that has a large number of concurrent subscribers. I haven't done any 0mq work yet with say 500 concurrent subscribers.

I'm not really interested in test harnesses or bench suites etc. I'm looking for actual workload #'s.  Thanks!.


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