[zeromq-dev] Event-driven publish-subscribe model

Rajalakshmi Iyer raj at blismobile.com
Mon Mar 26 13:52:31 CEST 2012


I am working on a requirement whereby a process (say producer) needs to
send out one-way messages to a variable number of processes (say consumers).

The publish-subscribe model seemed good for this because the consumers will
subscribe to messages from the producer. I tried using ZeroMQ to achieve

However, I have a few problems with it:


   The consumers have to continuously poll for messages. I would have the
   consumers to be notified when there is a new message.

   There is a possibility of the producer queue being filled up. I would
   have liked the producer to remove messages from the queue based on some
   condition (say remove messages older than 5 seconds, or remove messages
   that have been read 5 times). I see ZMQ recommends using a HWM, but I would
   like more selective removal of elements from the buffer.

   Since the consumers are polling and the messages are not removed from
   the queue, the consumers see duplicate messages till a new message comes
   in. I want the consumer to be notified only once per new message.

I understand I may be using a wrong model (publish-subscribe may not be
suitable). I have thought about using request-reply, but that doesn't work
since the producer does not want to keep track of the number of consumers.

Can anyone suggest a good alternative?

Thanks in advance!


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