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Robert, thanks for the reply. I confess to not understanding the issue
fully. Are there any workarounds or possibilities you'd want to explore, to
test out, as a possible way forwards? I'm just looking to pull whatever
constructive guidanc eI can from you (or any others on the ml) on this

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 11:49 PM, Robert G. Jakabosky <bobby at sharedrealm.com
> wrote:

> On Monday 19, John D. Mitchell wrote:
> > Hmm... Something is very confused in this discussion...
> >
> > The zeromq.node project and the performance problems there have to do
> that
> > projects's Node.js binding with the zeromq libraries. I.e. it doesn't
> seem
> > to have much, if anything to do with libuv itself.
> libuv doesn't provide a way to register a FD for io events.  It only allows
> starting an async read/write, with notification of when the read/write
> finishes.  The FD for a zmq socket can't be read from by the application,
> so
> it can't be used with libev.  When using zmq sockets in an event loop, one
> has
> to register for notification of read events on the FD and then check for
> the
> true events with the ZMQ_EVENTS socket option.
> I think the main reason libuv is designed like that is because that is how
> Window's IOCP works.
> As far as I can tell zeromq.node only works on *nix systems (where libuv
> uses
> libev as the event loop backend).  zeromq.node has to bypass libuv and use
> a
> libev IO watcher directly to work.
> The Luvit [1] (LuaJIT + libuv, like nodejs but with Lua instead of
> Javascript)
> has the same problem with trying to use the Lua bindings [2] for zmq.
> 1. https://github.com/luvit/luvit
> 2. https://github.com/Neopallium/lua-zmq
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