[zeromq-dev] Limit socket queue size

Boris Gulay boris at boressoft.ru
Wed Mar 21 10:56:15 CET 2012

20.03.2012 22:40, Johnny Gozde пишет:
> On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 10:19 AM, Boris Gulay <boris at boressoft.ru
> <mailto:boris at boressoft.ru>> wrote:
>     For me - not. I believe I'm using and old version of the binding. Can it
>     be true?
> It's entirely possible. The latest stable version of clrzmq is 2.2.2,
> downloadable from GitHub: https://github.com/zeromq/clrzmq/downloads 
Yes, I see.
I see that latest version differs very match from 2.2.2. If I want to
make some patches can I make it for stable version?

I see two disadvantages in 2.2.2:
1. Does not compile for WM.
2. Recv, in case NOBLOCK is specified and no data is available, returns
NULL. Send, if NOBLOCK and HWM is reached, throws and exception. I
believe, in last case we should have additional overloading that returns
true if sending was successful otherwise false. Because, if reaching HWM
is by design, examining return value is match faster than handling

> Version 1 of clrzmq is no longer supported.
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