[zeromq-dev] Limit socket queue size

Johnny Gozde johnny at jgoz.net
Mon Mar 19 16:53:22 CET 2012


On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 9:48 AM, Boris Gulay <boris at boressoft.ru> wrote:

> 19.03.2012 19:40, Boris Gulay пишет:
> > I want to limit socket internal queue to one message. To do that I call
> > zmq_setsockopt with second argument set to one right after socket
> > creation (socket type = PUSH).
> > I use zlrzmq and I get an exception: Invalid argument. What I'm doing
> wrong?

I'm guessing you meant "clrzmq" :)

>  I should call method this way:
> zmqSocket.SetSockOpt(ZMQ.SocketOpt.HWM, (long)1);

Socket options are exposed as properties on the Socket type. Please try
setting the zmqSocket.HWM property directly. e.g.,

zmqSocket.HWM = 1;
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