[zeromq-dev] random connect ports causing problems

Justin Karneges justin at affinix.com
Fri Mar 9 03:21:58 CET 2012

Hi folks,

Today I ran into issues where socket connects were stealing ports that my 
socket binds needed.  I also witnessed what is probably quite rare: a socket 
connecting to itself.  At least netstat was showing the source and dest ports 
for a single localhost connection as the same.

Probably there should be a way to specify a range of ports to stay within when 
connecting as a client, that does not overlap with any ports expected to be 
used by binds.  Any suggestions?

I suppose this isn't even really a 0mq question, but it does seem like 
something more likely to happen in a 0mq environment.  I didn't see anything 
in the FAQ.


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