[zeromq-dev] weird bug

AJ Lewis aj.lewis at quantum.com
Mon Mar 5 17:51:23 CET 2012

It looks like this commit made similar changes to other calls:

commit 91ea20464439b5359a5d803181141fc756fa817c
Author: Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com>
Date:   Wed Sep 8 08:39:27 2010 +0200

    EINTR returned from the blocking functions

This came in just before 2.1.10.


On Mon, Mar 05, 2012 at 02:09:37AM +0100, Pieter Hintjens wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 11:30 PM, Andrew Hume <andrew at research.att.com> wrote:
> > really? it wasn't mentioned in the "what's changed logs",
> > and represents a semantic change.
> > i hope someone like martin or pieter can speak to this..
> commit 3cb929e46affd5ebf8c456acba594bae5c106cc8
> Author: Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com>
> Date:   Thu Jul 21 23:35:26 2011 +0200
>     mailbox::recv correctly passes EINTR to the caller
>     This bug caused signal during blocking call to assert.
>     Signed-off-by: Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com>
> It looks like this change didn't have an issue, and got into 2.1.8
> without proper documents.
> -Pieter
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