[zeromq-dev] SEHException when calling zmq_init from clrzmq

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Wed Jun 20 17:40:13 CEST 2012

On 20 June 2012 09:35, Tom Robinson <Tom.Robinson at artesiansolutions.com>wrote:

>  > So if you don't have privileges to create a global namespace object
> that only leaves local namespace, i.e. TEXT
> ("Local\\zmq-signaler-port-sync").  Is that what you really want though?**
> **
> ** **
> I’m not sure of the impact of using a different namespace – would it be
> safe still? This is not an area I have any experience in.****
As per the comments in signaler.cpp:

    //  This function has to be in a system-wide critical section so that
    //  two instances of the library don't accidentally create signaler
    //  crossing the process boundary.
    //  We'll use named event object to implement the critical section.
    //  Note that if the event object already exists, the CreateEvent
    //  EVENT_ALL_ACCESS access right. If this fails, we try to open
    //  the event object asking for SYNCHRONIZE access only.

So, the question is do you have multiple ZeroMQ applications on the host?
 Are they running in the same or separate contexts?

The default context is bad practice for terminal services and the "Global"
context should be used but requires assigned privileges via Active
Directory, this would provide locking for the ZeroMQ across all terminal
service sessions on the server.

If you don't have the permissions and don't require the use of multiple
contexts then "Local" should be used instead.

It is TBD - to be decided - how ZeroMQ should handle this as it is pretty
much only a Windows Server issue.

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