[zeromq-dev] zmq performance tuning and clrzmq in linux

anti_tenzor anti_tenzor at mail.ru
Thu Jun 14 15:09:14 CEST 2012

Hi, all!

It is very interesting to play with ClrZmq on my AMD A8 with Windows 7 
64 bit. At the same time I am very interested in cross-platform 
(Ubuntu Linux with Mono 2.10.6 64bit to be exact).

I'd like to check that ZMQ is suitable to become a standard framework 
for in-proc, inter-proc and inter-pc communication.

1. I have measured performance for *in-proc* versus *local tcp* for 
small byte arrays and found in-proc method to be 50 times faster. Here 
I'd like to ask is
there any additional performance tweaks for in-proc and tcp protocols?

2. It's a pity zmq doesn't support inter-proc communication for windows. 
Afaik there is "named pipe" as the most close analogue. Since it is 
inside one OS, different IPC implementations should not be compatible in 
different OSes. Is there any plans to cover this feature in observable 

3. I've managed to compile zmq for ubuntu and I'd like to test it with 
ClrZmq (with Mono). Currently I receive DllNotFoundException (for dll 
ClrZmq is v3.0-alfa. Is there any guide how to configure and how to use 
ClrZmq in Linux? Is it possible for some earlier version of ClrZmq?

With the best wishes,

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