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Wed Jun 13 17:20:35 CEST 2012


Although my knowledge of the internals is not great, yet, I believe 
introducing it as a new transport probably sounds like a better abstraction.

It would also be worth doing a survey, posted on the 0mq list about 
general platform usage, so that people know where to concentrate their 
efforts; from a problem-to-solve perspective.  It can also help in 
knowing if certain features were present, than would that increase 
people using the product more on a particular platform; case in point 
being Windows IOCP support.

Just some thoughts.


On 13/06/2012 15:14, Ian Barber wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Martin Hurton <hurtonm at gmail.com
> <mailto:hurtonm at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I know nothing about Windows IOCP.
>     Why are you interested in having zmq working with IOCP? Thanks!
>     - Martin
> This should be in a FAQ somewhere! IOCP is interesting because Windows
> has slightly half arsed POSIX support (slow select, pretty hard limit on
> open FDs etc.), so there's no way of doing IPC, and no really good
> polling on it. IOCP provides equivalents for both of those, but uses the
> async do it  and notify-on-completion model rather than the poll FDs
> notify-on-ready then do it model. So, the question often comes up as to
> whether ZeroMQ could provide IOCP support, but it's a tricky one to
> integrate as it wouldn't fit into the poller model used internally.
> Sustrik I think basically came to the opinion that it was just too
> tricky with the current model, which was one of the drivers of the
> XSNano project. I suspect it's probably reasonably straightfoward to get
> something integrated in a basic way (e.g. add a new iocp-ipc transport
> and i_engine, in the style of OpenPGM), but much harder to integrate
> IOCP as a base stream socket concept as with the poller stuff.
> Ian
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