[zeromq-dev] Last call for Extensible Statistics Transmission Protocol (ESTP) v1.0

Paul Colomiets paul at colomiets.name
Mon Jun 11 22:59:00 CEST 2012


I'm going to pronounce protocol version v1.0, as its now complete, and
most issues discussed here are fixed. Now it's an opportunity to find
last issues, before freezing the specification.

The last changes are:

* Type is denoted by colon and english letter, instead of cryptic character

* There is "x" type marker that allows experimental types

Spec is now in github organization, which should aggregate projects
using the protocol:


I'll be happy if someone could fix grammar, as I'm not native English
speaker (We are not at IETF yet, so will fix grammar later if needed,
but now is a better time).

There is also collectd plugin implementation (it supports v0.2 proto
at the time of writing, but will be updated soon):


After protocol is declared stable, the following steps will be next:

* Define collectd extension, which allows to transfer data losslessly
between collectd instances (and implement it in plugin)

* Implement collectd plugin for crossroads (mostly same as zeromq one)

* Define a recommendation for the metric names to use for various
application classes and propose to their communities, HTTP servers
being the first in my plan


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