[zeromq-dev] dealing with binary bytes

Andrew Ukrainec aukrainec at accipiterradar.com
Thu Jun 7 19:29:15 CEST 2012


Does it makes sense to add the following extensions
to czmq?

My interest is in sending frames of formatted, variable
length binary byte data rather than character strings.
This means that you can't rely on the null terminator
as a reliable terminator for the end of the data, since
its a valid byte value in the data.  Instead, I need
to explicitly specify the length of the message, and
similarly return the length of the message on receive.

// modified from zstr_send() to add explicit length
int zstr_send_with_length(void *socket, const char *string, int N)
     assert (socket);
     assert (string);
     zmq_msg_t message;
     zmq_msg_init_size(&message, N);
     memcpy(zmq_msg_data (&message), string, N);
     int rc = zmq_sendmsg(socket, &message, 0);
     return rc < 0? -1: 0;

// modified from zstr_recv() to return length
char *zstr_recv_with_length(void *socket, int *N)
     assert (socket);
     zmq_msg_t message;
     zmq_msg_init (&message);
     if (zmq_recvmsg (socket, &message, 0) < 0) return NULL;
     int size = zmq_msg_size (&message);
     *N = (int)size;
     char *string = (char *)malloc (size + 1);
     memcpy (string, zmq_msg_data(&message), size);
     zmq_msg_close (&message);
     string[size] = 0;
     return string;
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