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Ishigo, Kelvin K KKIshigo at DirecTV.com
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The zeromq functionality makes tremendous sense to me.  I have worked my way through the guide, using the python examples to see how it flows.  I've built several messaging type IPC's and have no desire to generalize them to multiple processes.  It will come down to code size.  Maybe we can do as others did and statically link but I would rather be able to trim out functionality via a smart linker, or if needed, by hand.  It would depend on how modular the internals of libzmq are.
Thank you.
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The low-latency nature of ZeroMQ makes it ideal for embedded platforms.
As of 3.x, ZeroMQ has no external dependencies (2.1 needs libuuid). My
Windows version is 180KB, and my OSX version is 380KB. Your runtime
needs will depend on how large the messages are and the number of
messages expected in the queue(s).

Your benefit for 4-5 devices is a highly optimized, stable messaging
solution that you don't need to write. The main features are messaging
patterns (request/reply, publish/subscribe, and pipeline),
re-connection, and atomic message delivery. I have found that I can
develop applications much faster once I got over the initial learning
curve. I would recommend reading at least the first chapter of the guide


On 6/4/2012 8:29 PM, Ishigo, Kelvin K wrote:
> Hello,
> We are looking at distributed message queue solutions and zeromq looks promising... but we deploy on an embedded linux platform(s) (2.6+) which is hosted to several different processor architectures.
> Our main question is whether zeromq is a suitable in this type of environment where we are code footprint limited due to flash on the box.
> Also, is it overkill since we are basically planning to "share" amongst a limited number of devices (4-5)?
> Thank you.
> If there are existing threads, please do point me to them as I do not wish to rehash existing discussions.
> Kelvin
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