[zeromq-dev] Statistics protocol v0.1

Gregg Irwin gregg at pointillistic.com
Fri Jun 1 16:56:34 CEST 2012

How tightly do you want to couple sources and sinks? e.g., do you need
type1 and type2 as part of the protocol? I haven't used RRD, but
that's the model, correct?

Starting from a minimum spec, I sometimes write a statement answering
the WHY question for things included beyond the minimum. For example:

  Given a minimum of [name timestamp value]:

  NAME has a trailing delimiter (colon) because name segments can
  contain spaces.

  HOST is there for ...

  TYPE1 is needed because ... and values must be one of ...

  TYPE2 is used to ... must be ... and indicates ...

I like ISO8601 timestamps, and path syntax (slash as separator) for

-- Gregg

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