[zeromq-dev] Contribution policy and quality of commits

Martin Lucina martin at lucina.net
Sat Jan 28 03:45:01 CET 2012

cremes.devlist at mac.com said:
> What specific suggestions do you have for improving the process?
> (Demanding that all patches be rigorously inspected and tested by the
> maintainers is not a reasonable, though specific, suggestion.)

Code review is in fact specifically what I am asking for. Every major FOSS
project has a code review policy:

Linux kernel: (see section 14), and elsewhere in this document:






FreeBSD: (the best I could find, maybe the process is better documented


The libzmq process as defined leaves no provision for code review

I realise that code review is time consuming, costly, and often boring.

If my suggestion is unreasonable due to the fact that the current
maintainers are unpaid volunteers, then the real problem is elsewhere; the
community should get its act together and:

a) recruit a competent maintainer with domain expertise from within its

b) put in place a mechanism to fund such a maintainer


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