[zeromq-dev] Patch build issues on old-linux

Martin Lucina martin at lucina.net
Sat Jan 28 02:41:35 CET 2012

Hi Michael,

415fox at gmail.com said:
> I submitted a pull request on github, to fix build issues on old Linux (Redhat
> circa 2002, 2.4 kernel, 3.2 gcc).

Thanks for the patches.

> But it looks like it may also be necessary to post the patch here. I'm not sure
> how you want it exactly, so what I'm doing is:
> git format-patch 6f32361fea61619fec94348de693a9e3ff8981e0

It'd be nicer to have the patches inline rather than as attachments, since
then I could quote from the patch directly for review instead of cut and
pasting. Anyway, here goes.

> It says:
> 0001-Fix-bad-combination-of-gcc3-Werror-and-private-destr.patch


> 0002-Fix-basic_string-unsigned-char-not-implemented-in-st.patch

1) The "borrowed" code belongs in its own header file, say
src/gcc3_strings.hpp (for want of a better name), *not* in blob.hpp.

2) This file MUST have the id3lib license copied to it verbatim.

3) Your commit message should state the exact origin of this code with a
URL or similar.

4) The patch does not conform to http://www.zeromq.org/docs:style. If the
code went verbatim into its own file this is fine, but again, not in

> 0003-Fix-runtime-patch-for-when-system-has-clock_gettime-.patch

1) The patch does not conform to http://www.zeromq.org/docs:style.

2) You yourself state:

> +		// This should be a configuration check, but I looked into it and writing an 
> +		// AC_FUNC_CLOCK_MONOTONIC seems beyond my powers.

I would report an issue and/or ask for help with writing

> 0004-Fix-Case-where-system-library-has-epoll-but-kernel-d.patch

Seems fine.



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