[zeromq-dev] 6/PPP - Paranoid Pirate Protocol : questions

Leonid Ganeline leo.gan.57 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 22:05:34 CET 2012


I have several questions and maybe thoughts about clearification and

"...a queue device (or client)... " it is from the 0MQ Guide. Seems
for the PPP protocol it can be just Client. So we eliminate one more
role - "queue device". All discussions about Queue and Client are
irrelevant to PPP (?)

2. Maybe addition of the Role section (or whatever name for it?) with
definition of partes: Client, Service (of Worker?) and Peer. Now
roles/participants came undefined.

3. Not sure, but... I think the wire format of the Command is an
implementation detal. Just names of the Commands would be enough to
describe PPP.

4. "...If the worker detects that the queue has disconnected, it MUST
restart a new conversation. "  - there is no definition of "restart a
new conversation". Seems it is sending a Ready command. If so, it
should be "...If the worker detects that the queue has disconnected,
it MUST send Ready command again.."

5. Maybe addition of the system state as: Disconnected, Connected with
difinitions - would be good for clarification. (and Section: System


Leonid Ganeline   [BizTalk MVP]

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