[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ on Windows Mobile

Boris Gulay boris at boressoft.ru
Fri Jan 27 10:05:19 CET 2012

26.01.2012 2:14, Martin Sustrik пишет:
> Hi Boris,
>> PS: On bind it fails because of the following line (tcp_listener.cpp:70):
>>      rc = setsockopt (s, SOL_SOCKET, SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE,
>>          (const char*)&flag, sizeof (int));
>> It seems to me that sockets on WM does not support this option.
> You may try SO_REUSEADDR instad. It's #ifdef'd in tcp_listener.cpp 
> already so it's easy to test.
> If none of the two work, you can disable setting this option on WM.
I've just put this call inside #if-#endif to exclude it on WM and it
works OK. Thank you.

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