[zeromq-dev] Crash of ZMQ 2.1.11 on Windows 2008 64bit

soeren soerengerlach at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 22:11:12 CET 2012


I am currently trying to integrate the ZMQ library in multiple
versions of the same software; a trading frontend which cames in
different flavour but almost same ingredients from different brokers.
I compiled it out of the box, small wrapper around it and finally got
all the nasty DLL stuff on Windows working.
Currently I have ZMQ running on 5 different frontends, but on another
2 it crashes the frontend upon the first call to create a socket (init
and version retrieval works perfect). Unfortunately the stack
information is most I've got:

75BCB964:000058 [75BCB9BC] RaiseException (kernelbase.dll)
594436B6:00000F [594436C5] __setlc_active (msvcr90.dll)
594433EF:0000D8 [594434C7] _endthreadex (msvcr90.dll)
76E53665:000012 [76E53677] AcquireSRWLockExclusive (kernel32.dll)
77AD9E9F:000063 [77AD9F02] RtlInsertElementGenericTableAvl (ntdll.dll)
77AD9E9F:000036 [77AD9ED5] RtlInsertElementGenericTableAvl (ntdll.dll)

My OS information is

OS          : Windows 7 Server 6.1  (Build 7600)
Processors  : 24 x Intel Xeon  X5650 @ 2.67GHz
Memory      : 4095 free of 4095 Mb
Virtual     : 1916 free of 2047 Mb
Exception   : 40000015 at 75BCB9BC NA to 00000000

Compiler: MSVC 2008 professional **NOT SP1** / 32 Bit; the same for
the frontend software. The frontend blocks (damn!) to start it in
debug mode from my compiler, so I cannot test anything with the
debugger - unfortunately.

All I found was this link: https://github.com/lestrrat/ZeroMQ-Perl/issues/12.
Crash looks very similar, but different action in his code.

Thanks for any hints to look after,
Soeren Gerlach

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