[zeromq-dev] job postings on zeromq-dev?

Al Tobey al at ooyala.com
Tue Jan 24 07:42:10 CET 2012

I messaged Martin earlier today to enquire about etiquette for posting jobs
to zeromq-dev. Having been responsible for handling recruiters on a mailing
list in the past, I figured I'd ping an obvious ML  admin and find out what
to do, and Martin said that's something the community should decide, so
here we go.

What policy should this list have in regards to job postings? Obviously,
only positions involving ZeroMQ make sense or we'd be in for a lot of spam.

When I watched over the Grand Rapids Perl Mongers list, we set a policy
that recruiters could send postings to moderators for review to make sure
they were relevant, then those would be forwarded to the list. Even in a
small group like GR.pm, we had a number of people work out beneficial
arrangements, so I feel it is a productive thing to have.  I did end up
turning away a few postings that were completely irrelevant, but in general
the signal:noise was surprisingly good.

I can also totally understand not wanting to see recruiter spam on a *-dev

Whatever the prevailing opinion, it should probably be noted at


-Al Tobey
Tech Lead, Tools and Automation
Ooyala, Inc.

P.S. My team at Ooyala is building cool stuff with ZeroMQ, while another is
using Storm (ZMQ+Scala). Contact me directly if you're interested in
learning more.
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