[zeromq-dev] Too many open files (signaler.cpp:330)

Marcin marcin.olak at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 19:08:07 CET 2012

Chuck Remes <cremes.devlist <at> mac.com> writes:

> I need some guidance on how to figure out why I am getting this assertion (0mq 
2.1.11). I assume it is due to
> running out of file descriptors, but it's happening in a place (socketpairs) 
where I thought the code was
> eliminated. That is, I didn't think 0mq used socketpairs for internal 
communication anymore after about
> version 2.1.5 or so.
> This is on OSX. I have the open file limit set to 400k. I have modified 
src/config.hpp MAX_SOCKETS to be
> 51200. I get this assertion after opening around 2800 0mq sockets and closing 
1500 of them, so I am *nowhere
> near* the FD limit or the max socket limit.
> Any suggestions on a printf I could add to the library to help narrow down the 
cause of this?
> cr

What you can do is create a signal handler for SIGABRT and enter infinite loop 
in there. This will allow you to check number of actually utilized FDs by your 

ls /proc/PID/fd/ | wc -w

I'm facing similar problem in the system I'm working with. It seems that dynamic 
creation and destruction of zmq sockets may lead to triggering of this 
assertion. What is important is the aggregate number of socket creations and how 
close they lied in time not the CURRENT amount of zmq sockets.

In short: when you close zmq socket it doesn't free its FD immediately. It sheds 
its ownership of the zmq socket to the reaper thread that eventually will free 
the FDs. Non-zero lingering period may extend the being-reaped state of the 

You may want to set the lingering period to 0.


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