[zeromq-dev] multi-part messages

Martin Lucina martin at lucina.net
Mon Jan 23 02:49:48 CET 2012


sustrik at 250bpm.com said:
> I believe this discussion misses what I wanted to say.
> There are many issues mixed here:
> 1. Should 0MQ provide internal message parts?
> 2. Should 0MQ provide application-level message parts?
> 3. Expose the functionality as gather-scatter arrays?
> 4. Should the 0MQ-related parts of the protocol separate from 
> application-level parts?

Good summary!

> Answer to 1 is yes (because of way REQ/REP works).
> Answer to 2 is yes due to the popular demand.
> Answer to 3 is no, to preserve backward compatibility.

3) could be implemented as a new API, in the style of the Linux recvmmsg()
and sendmmsg() calls.

> My point was that the answer for 4 should be "yes" and the fact that it 
> is not so is unfortunate.
> Too late to fix that, anyway. I've tried with LABELs and failed. 0MQ is 
> a stable product and bad design decisions are already baked in. Not much 
> we can do about that.

I did not follow the LABEL work, but IIUC the problem was you tried to
satisfy point 4) above by breaking point 2), right?


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