[zeromq-dev] Has anyone successfully built and used ZeroMQ on Android?

Nick Talbot solutions at magichat.biz
Sun Jan 15 23:17:40 CET 2012

Ok, I finally got it all working!

I've been attempting to build a working Android ZeroMQ using the current/latest NDK r7. The http://www.zeromq.org/build:android page uses NDK r6, an older version. I downloaded NDK r5b (the easiest to find an old version download of), and rebuilt everything. Bingo, ZeroMQ now works just fine on emulator and phone. It would seem it just doesn't work with NDK r7. Using readelf, I found that r5b produces a .so that only requires 3 linked .so, whereas r7 produces a .so that has several more linked so requirements and missing symbols.

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Nick Talbot

On 12 Jan 2012, at 23:24, Nick Talbot wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm attempting to build and use ZeroMQ in a Mono for Android project. I've followed the instructions at http://www.zeromq.org/build:android using the latest NDK tools in a VirtualBox instance of Unbuntu 11.10 to produce an ARM-capable libzmq.so
> The .so I've produced however doesn't work at all in the Android emulator, as it fails to load. With some help from Xamarin suppport (private emails, some of it reproduced at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8812145/mono-android-monodroid-native-library-dllnotfoundexception ).
> The long and short seems to be, that using nm and other tools to look at the produced library, it has many unresolved linker symbols, and requires about 5 other .so libs, incling some gcc ones!
> Has anyone had any luck or pointers? I already had to change one line in the UUID source code when building it because an obsolete constant was used (IWRITE I think or similar), but maybe I'm missing some other tricks?
> Any help greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Nick Talbot
> P.S. I am happy to create a ZeroMQ information page about building for the iPhone with my recent experience, including some extra tips I recently discovered to get ZeroMQ to work on iOS3 as well as 4 and 5. Do I just create it myself or send it to someone?

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