[zeromq-dev] Has anyone successfully built and used ZeroMQ on Android?

Johnny Gozde johnny at jgoz.net
Fri Jan 13 02:39:46 CET 2012

> I'm attempting to build and use ZeroMQ in a Mono for Android project. I've followed the instructions at <snip> to produce an ARM-capable libzmq.so

Hi Nick,

I'm the maintainer of clrzmq, which I assume you're using for Mono
interop with libzmq. Not having developed for Android, I'm only
guessing here:

You've indicated that you've compiled an armeabi libzmq.so file. What
platform are you targeting for clrzmq itself? The solution only has
x86 and x64 platform targets, which means you will likely need to
create an ARM platform target for clrzmq (if possible).

Again, never having touched Android, I can only guess that Mono on
Android allows you to specifically target ARM -- this would be
necessary for any kind of P/Invoke calls to ARM-compiled ABIs.

You'd experience the behaviour described in your SO post if you, for
example, tried to reference an x64-compiled libzmq.so from an
x86-targeted clrzmq or vice versa. Same thing in .NET on Windows.


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