[zeromq-dev] Portland ZeroMQ Conference Sat Feb 25th 2012

Michel Pelletier pelletier.michel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 19:03:24 CET 2012


Hope everyone had a happy new year starting 2012: The Year of ZeroMQ!
To kick this year off right, we are organizing a conference in
Portland, Oregon, USA on Feb 25th.  That's right, an entire day of
nothing but zmq discussion straight from the mouths of people who
develop and use it directly to your ear.  Here is all the info:


With a little under two months to go, I have decided to do a little
campaign to make sure everyone has all the information and time needed
to get off their butts and get their tickets to Portland!  If you
aren't on the list, put you name on there and start thinking of
questions and topics you want to discuss.  We really need a few more
speakers too, so if you're using zmq for some fun and interesting
project then let me know asap!

This conference is going to be a bit more loosely organized than
probably anything you've attended before.  The plan is to have people
put their topics up on the wiki page.  At the start of the conference
at 9am sharp we will have a quick, all conference stand-up "scrum", on
a whiteboard, to layout who speaks in what room and at what times.  We
can do lightning talks, intros, tech overviews, whatever we want.
There will be no bullshit and no cat-herding.  This is YOUR conference
and YOU will decide how it goes down.  There's a lot of space so BRING
A TOPIC that you want to discuss.  There is one big room, one smaller
room, and a couple of little side rooms for smaller gatherings on
specific topics.  I expect the power of self-organization to bring us
some incredibly interesting information rapidly and efficiently.

Companies!  You know who you are.  First off, it behooves your bottom
line to send as many of your developers to this conference as
possible.  You will see immediate boosts in productivity, morale,
changeset quality, and if they eat at our local food carts, body mass
index.  You might also be wondering how you can help sponsor this
little get together in addition to sending all your top developers.
If so, please contact me and I will give you some suggestions.  There
are some nice-to-haves like coffee and snacks, and other good things
like projectors/screens that need renting, so any amount of help is
greatly appreciated!

Lastly I'd like to give a shout-out to Idealist.org, who is hosting
the space for us and providing some very bare essentials.  Without
Idealist's awesome space and the time they are giving to us, none of
this would be possible.  If you feel like doing a little good today,
check out their site.

Looking forward to seeing ALL of you in Portland on Feb 25th!


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