[zeromq-dev] ZeroMQ (2.1.7) subscriber "memory leak" (john skaller)

Jess Morecroft jess.morecroft at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 06:02:45 CET 2012

> Perhaps you are asking for a third one:
> This would be on AHWM (almost high water mark).
> so you have time to prevent either BLOCK or DROP.
> Default TRIGGER action would be to do nothing.
> Example action: log a message and do nothing.
> Another action: do a poll to try to clean up.
> Or, of course, read some messages to empty the queues.
> No idea how to implement trigger, although a callback
> is one option. Another is to send a message to a monitoring
> channel.
I like the sound of this, especially with "trigger" implemented as a simple callback. In our case it would allow us to log these "warning" events and thus be immediately aware of them via our log/syslog hook (care of boost log). Would make use of the HWM setting much more palatable (for me at least!).

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