[zeromq-dev] inet_ntop is not available in Windows XP

Dimiter 'malkia' Stanev malkia at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 21:14:01 CET 2012

	Ah, no :) Boost is one thing that I try to avoid. I'm actually more of 
a "C" guy that "C++" and zmq has been nice to have first and foremost 
"C" interface, even if written in "C++".
	I was more thinking of the second solution:
	"From the winsock layer: WSAAddressToString (ntop) and 
WSAStringToAddress (pton)", although there is a comment from someone: 
"Note that WSAAddressToString will append the port number as well if 
your address structure has one. So to just get the IP, you may have to 
create a new address with no port. "

	But for now I'm sticking to the change before Ian Barber's one (which 
seems very cool indeed, but unfortunately relying on something that XP 
does not support).

	There might be somewher "inet_ntop.c" compat layer for XP (probably 
part of mingw/cygwin), but I haven't started digging yet.

On 2/16/2012 11:58 AM, Boris Gulay wrote:
> 16.02.2012 22:43, Dimiter 'malkia' Stanev пишет:
>> 	Hi guys,
>> 	In short: inet_ntop is not available in Windows XP.
> I write message about that five hours ago (subject "Compile branch with
> MSVC"). :)
> I agree, this function should not be used if we want ZeroMQ compile on
> XP. But your solution is not acceptable because it requires boost library.
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