[zeromq-dev] What do I need to do to create a subproject of the libzmq?

niXman i.nixman at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 03:09:58 CET 2012

Hello ØMQ dev-list!

I want to create a subproject of the ØMQ the main direction of which will be:
1. full implementation of the C++ API. not as cppzmq project, which is
in fact a wraper over C API.
2. use of exceptions.
3. the use of opportunities of C++11 such as: r-value references and
move semantic.
4. the use of C++11 Thread support library:
5. implementation of IOCP.
6. implementation of asynchronous handlers.
7. implementation of memory-pool.

I'm going to call this project: zmq++


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