[zeromq-dev] exception thrown on socket recieve function call in c# interop bindings

David Starkweather starkd88 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 19:12:39 CET 2012


I am getting an exception thrown from libzmq.dll when calling a recieve
function on a request socket as called through the MIT Licensed Interop c#
bindings.  (Using Windows 7 64-bit).  Included below is a stack trace of
the problem along with the reduced request/reply programs.

The programs seem to work fine when run on the same system through
localhost.  However,  the exception occurs when querying another networked
machine. The exception occurs in the first program (the one with the req
socket right at the last receive call in the program.)

thanks very much for any help.

Here is the stack trace:

Assertion failed: ok (mailbox.cpp:84)
Assertion failed: nbytes == sizeof (dummy) (signaler.cpp:203)
exception: External component has thrown an exception.
   at ZeroMQ.Interop.zmq_recv(IntPtr socket, IntPtr msg, Int32 flags)
   at ZeroMQ.ZmqSocket.Receive(Byte[]& data, Boolean nonblocking)
   at ZeroMQ.ZmqRequestSocket.Receive(Byte[]& data, Boolean nonblocking)
   at auscout.auscout.Main(String[] args) inUnhandled Exception:
C:\Users\David\documents\visual stu
dio 2010\Projects\AuscoutClientApp\AuscoutClientApp\auscout.cs:line 84

submit code from req socket to reply socket:


receiving code for rep socket:

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