[zeromq-dev] Some questions from newbee in ZeroMQ but not newbee in distributed/dataflow developer.

niXman i.nixman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 15:43:26 CET 2012

Hello ØMQ community.

I'm new to ZMQ just two days ago, but I'm not new to the development
of distributed/dataflow systems.

About ØMQ I have learned recently on a forum.
After reading the documentation, I wanted to try ØMQ in my projects.
Before this preferred ASIO. As a rule, I always learn other people's
sources code before using it in my own projects. So I did the same
with the ØMQ source.
The first thing that caught my eye is the fact that in the code there
is a lot of unused variables. When building I get a lot of warnings
like "warning: unused parameter '__c' [-Wunused-parameter]".
I understand that this is not a error, but I'm very sensitive to the
quality of the code.

1. On what principle bug-fix patches are accepted?
2. On what principle optimizations patches are accepted?
3. Is there any possibility to accept requests for adding functionality?
4. Is there any possibility to accept patches implementing additional
5. Are there any plans on implementing memory-pool/objects-pool?


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