[zeromq-dev] Will socket multiplexing improve throughput?

Frittum Johannes Johannes.Frittum at austrocontrol.at
Thu Feb 9 01:48:54 CET 2012

Hello Qing Yan!

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[SNIP Quotes about Threads/Sync and stuff]
> What I suspect is if ZeroMQ is already super efficent such difference
> might be minimal?

Depends :-)

> I mean if internally ZeroMQ is using event/async style model, send and
> recv are non blocking and takes minimal time,
> having a  single thread in the socket layer might be as good as have
> many?  

The heuristics were somewhat like "One IO thread per Gbps throughput".

> There is also potential benefit to piggyback
> more data at once plus the bottleneck might be in the network and the
> synchronization cost might be negelectable?

Yep thats true for most situations.
ZMQ is blazingly fast most of the time. So 1 IO thread is enough for 99% (TM) of all apps.

Johannes Frittum

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