[zeromq-dev] Will socket multiplexing improve throughput?

Qing Yan qingyan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 04:40:38 CET 2012

If ZeroMQ is the bottleneck, i.e. not the data source itself, then 2)
will fare better, for two reasons:

 * No synchronization.
 * Each zmq socket is limited to one io thread (correct me if I'm wrong).

If you use multiple sockets you can utilize multiple io threads, which
should give you better throughput.

What I suspect is if ZeroMQ is already super efficent such difference
might be minimal?

I mean if internally ZeroMQ is using event/async style model, send and
recv are non blocking and takes minimal time,

having a  single thread in the socket layer might be as good as have
many?  There is also potential benefit to piggyback

more data at once plus the bottleneck might be in the network and the
synchronization cost might be negelectable?

Just some random thought...

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