[zeromq-dev] Thread Safe sockets

Marten Feldtmann itlists at schrievkrom.de
Tue Feb 7 07:27:32 CET 2012

-> callbacks

Callbacks can be evil - and they exclude several software systems 
(programming languages) which are not really prepared for callbacks.

Users of those libraries must write external low level c libraries to 
get callback features in a reliable way.

-> thread safe socket

I'm not on a level as the other people on this list are, but I only 
would like to be able to use creation/closing-socket-calls also be 
possible from another thread (not acually using the socket). Is ths 
possible - on all platforms ?

Actually I like the way zeromq is done. The few API calls and the 
external thread sending and receiving.

Am 07.02.2012 02:16, schrieb Martin Lucina:

> 1) IMHO callbacks are evil and in 90% of cases should be
> eradicated :-) Of course if you've got a huge legacy code base then
> you're stuck with 'em, so it's a valid use case.

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