[zeromq-dev] Dev Process

Martin Lucina martin at lucina.net
Sat Feb 4 10:54:54 CET 2012

skaller at users.sourceforge.net said:
> > The cards have been dealt, Pieter Hintjens has shown his hand and Martin
> > Sustrik has folded. I can't win this round, and attempting to do so will
> > just look silly.
> Don't try to win, it's not about winning. There is always politics but this
> is about software :) Politics matters of course. But you can *use* the policy:
> you're free to patch anything you like!

Fair enough, and I will try and do that, at least for those parts I care
enough about. I will also keep my own tree around and ignore the patches I
don't find worth fixing, that's what Git is for.

As for the politics, there are political issues far more important and
worth arguing about, to me, than those surrounding this software project.

Also, there's usually not much point in arguing with dictators... where I
come from, before 1989, you'd probably be forced to leave the country
(best option, rare), relegated to work in the boiler-room (standard
solution #1), sent to prison (standard solution #2) or shot (worst option,

> > The beer part would be fun if I was coming to the Portland conference, but
> > schedule- and geography-wise I can't fit it in :-(
> It's a long trip in my yacht from Australia. Just email me the beer :)

Arrrr, a fellow seadog! Any chance you'll be sailing 1000-odd miles in an
easterly direction? I'll be in New Zealand from 14th Feb through 7th March,
beer or rum would be fun :-)

> > You're absolutely right.
> That's unusual .. can I have that in writing, so I can frame it?

Sure, which harbour do I mail a signed copy of the email to? :-)

> > For the record: I will continue to submit patches in accordance with the
> > established process, but I will refrain from being drawn into revert-wars
> > of "best patch wins";
> Have there been any revert wars yet?
> Actually one thing this new policy really needs is the email hook.
> It's hard to get into a revert war if you can't see the enemies' patches .. :)

I'm experimenting with this: https://github.com/Dieterbe/rss2email/tree/xdg

Pick the "xdg" branch specifically.

GH exports a private RSS feed of "Your Dashboard", which is everything that
happens on repos that you "Watch". So you can run an onshore cronjob a
couple of times a day that will send you emails off that feed.

It's still way suboptimal to actual email (no threads, no replies, etc...),
and you don't get the content of the patches in there, but at least you
know something has happened. There's probably more than can be done via the
Github API, but I don't care enough right now.


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