[zeromq-dev] CPU load while polling 0mq sockets

Sergey Malov smalov at mdialog.com
Fri Feb 3 20:36:07 CET 2012

I have an application using three different 0mq socket types:
 - PULL, to receive protocol buffer messages from outside for further
 - PUB, to publish results (in protocol buffer format as well)
 - REPLY, to occasionally answer on status query, etc

All sockets are being polled in single cycle. It's a Scala application,
using scala zeromq binding, and 2.1.11 0mq library.
What I observe, being idle this app still utilizes more than 100-120% CPU
on 4-cores linux box (using top utility). Under "idle" I mean that it is
started and polling sockets, but notching is there to pull/publish.
I played with setting timeout (using setTimeout on poller), latest I've set
was to 2000000 microseconds, with no obvious effect on CPU usage. I know
that most of the time it spends polling, since I monitor it with profiler.

Is it normal, such a high CPU utilization? Is there anything wrong with
what I'm doing? Something I should check/set ?

Thanks for any help

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