[zeromq-dev] Patch: Full conversion of XREQ/XREP to DEALER/ROUTER

Michael Compton michael.compton at littleedge.co.uk
Fri Feb 3 00:30:39 CET 2012

Hi All,


I will be resubmitting this patch again. 

And if anyone would like to chime in with any thoughts on the issue
that would be great. 

I'd be particularly interested in hearing from the regular internals
hackers, as this affects them quite a bit as well. 

In the main; the rationale is to really start putting this naming issue
to bed. It has hung around as a wart for too long, and causes
unnecessary cognitive load for users of libzmq. Having to translate
from one naming convention to another. 

Consistency will fix this and the consensus, or at least the most
prevalent identifiers used, among the community seems to be

Thanks all.

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