[zeromq-dev] czmq: zmq_poll() return value on interrupt = 0

Andy Ballingall TF ballingall at thefoundry.co.uk
Mon Dec 31 10:49:24 CET 2012


In the zmq guide here:
http://zguide.zeromq.org/page:all#The-CZMQ-High-Level-API it states that
zmq_poll should return with -1 if an interrupt is received, but for some
reason this isn't happening. It does return on interrupt immediately, but
with 0 as the return value.

The socket being polled was created with a call to zsocket_new(), and the
zmq context was created with a call to zctx_new().

I know that czmq registers a function to handle interrupts, and I can
verify that this is being called on interrtupt because the global variable
zctx_interrupted is set to true, so I can use this.

I just wanted to clarify whether there this is a typo in the documentation
or perhaps an indication that I've not setup everything correctly.

The application in question is just a small command-line program running on
linux with the interrupt generated with a Ctrl-C to the shell.


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