[zeromq-dev] Unexpected zero-byte message received on ZMQ-SUB socket

Divya Mohan divya.mohan310 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 11:26:04 CET 2012

Hi zeromq gurus,

I am trying to exchange messages between 4 processes using multicasting
[epgm: loopback interface].

All the 4 processes belong to same group.2 processes send data and other 2
receive these data. In both subscribing processes I am receiving one zero
byte message (in between the actual publisher messages).

There are no processes sending empty message on the port as far as I know.
I am not able to figure out why zero byte message is received. Any help is
much appreciated J.

Note: If I have only one publisher process then I don’t receive any zero
byte message in subscriber processes.

Best Regards,

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