[zeromq-dev] Actor Model

wilfried at hafner.ws wilfried at hafner.ws
Sat Dec 15 12:27:38 CET 2012

hi peeps,

i would like to ask you for some ideas/hints on an actor-model
design on top of zeromq. zeromq ships with everything i need,
a mailbox, message routing, i don't have to worry about threads etc.

i think the straightforward way would be to give every actor
one or more sockets for sending and receiving messages, depending
on the used patterns (pub-sub, req-rep). but it seems to be a big
overhead, since the max. number of sockets per context is limited.
on the other hand, i would have to share some sockets and write
a lot of messaging features by myself. so zeromq would be useful
just for the communication between some processes or nodes.

it's similar to an component based entity system, communication between
entities<->entities, entities<->system and system<->system
should be handled through an event/message bus. Although it's not for game
development, 10k+ entities are possible, which would require
at least more than 10k sockets.

thank you for your suggestions!

best regards,


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