[zeromq-dev] Titanic SP with encrypted data transfer

Jovan Kostovski chombium at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 23:42:19 CET 2012


I'm implementing the Titanic SP in PHP. Most of the code is based on
the Ian Barber's example (the one in the ZeroMQ examples). Everything
is working good and now I'm at the point where I need to add some
logic for encrypted data transfer between the broker-titanic,
broker-worker and client -titanic. I know that ZeroMQ supports TLS
shared keys encryption, but after reading the Titanic and Majordomo
Service protocol specifications in the Majordomo specs in the security
chapter it is written that this SP should not be used if encryption,
access control and authentication are required.
So my question is is there any way how to implement encrypted data
transfer using the Titanic SP or the only solution to this problem
would be to us VPN between the components (broker, titanic, worker,
Can anyone give me an advice what should I do in order to enable
encrypted data transfer?


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