[zeromq-dev] Sub problem

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Thu Dec 13 23:19:51 CET 2012


I am still observing a case were a connected ZeroMQ Sub is still not
receiving any data anymore after a certain period of idle time without
any data. We are willing to test this with exact numbers (our estimation
is that less than 4 hours no data results in a dead client) but in the
mean time I was reasoning about problem.

My hypothesis of this 'dead client' is that the socket is for some
reason in a disconnected state, after it reconnects it does not apply
the 'original' socket options. This cannot be reproduced using normal
code, a socket in ZeroMQ can't be closed and then reconnected or rebinded.

Obviously we are going to see if we can reproduce the problem, and
tcpdumping the connection to find out if the client is really receiving
new data, or that the client is truly 'disconnected'.

Would anyone be willing to take a peak if there is any basis for this


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