[zeromq-dev] Event Identified

Doron Somech somdoron at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 00:01:01 CET 2012


Because of security needs I need to know the ip address of each socket
connecting to my system (matching identity to ip address).
I'm using dealer-router, the router is the one doing the bind and the
dealer connecting, i thought about adding a new event called Event
Identified or something that when the identifier message arrived this event
is called (maybe only for tcp) with the identifier and socket file
descriptor. there a lot of other thing this feature can be used to, you can
now deny anonymous identities (close the socket of any anonymous identity),
just verify identity or manage a list of socket to identifier.

Anyway I thought to implement this in the push_msg method of the
session_base, the problem is that i don't have the socket file descriptor
in the session_base class.
I thought about adding GetFD to the IEngine interface and then the PushMsg
will use that method to get the file descriptor (the method will return
zero if engine is using socket).



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