[zeromq-dev] ZMQ_XPUB_VERBOSE does not report unsubscriptions

Ian Barber ian.barber at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 18:53:39 CET 2012

On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 5:24 PM, Stefan Radomski <
radomski at tk.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de> wrote:

> Hi there,
> setting the ZMQ_XPUB_VERBOSE option on an XPUB socket will only report
> multiple subscriptions - for unsubscription, only the last unsubscription
> is reported. This makes the option unusable to count actual subscribers as
> some might already have unsubscribed and you'd never know. Is there a
> reason unsubscriptions are not handled in the same manner as subscriptions?
> And of what use is ZMQ_XPUB_VERBOSE if I can't know the number of
> subscribers?
The the email that kicked off the thread about using it:

As described, the purpose is to allow sending last-value type messages on
subscriber. If you are sending data to a managed list of clients, you'd be
better served with router or similar.

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