[zeromq-dev] locale communication with REQ-REP Pattern

M.Hua at gmx.de M.Hua at gmx.de
Wed Dec 5 10:24:55 CET 2012


I have implemented a client-server application a couple of days ago, where a client sends a string message to the server and waits for his reply message.

When I run a server and n Clients, then the server knows which message, that the server received, belongs to which client, and then accordingly sends a reply message to the correct client. 

For example, if Client1 sends a message "Client1" and Client2 sends a message "Client2", then the server sends a reply to Client1 "Hello Client1" and to Client2 "Hello Client2", and not "Hello Client2" to Client 1 and "Hello Client 1" to Client 2.

How does the server knows which message received belongs to which client in order that the server can send the reply to the message of the correct client?

For your help I thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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